Books about Portugal


Portuguese Decorative Tiles

Lisbon: The Sparkling Miracle on the Western Edge of Europe
by Rioletta Sabo et al. Abbeville Press 1998 ISBN: 0789204819
by Andreas Schafler et al. Parkstone Press 1998 ISBN: 1859953700


A History of the Portuguese Fado

Ainda: Soundtrack from Lisbon Story
by Paul Vernon. Ashgate Publishing Company 1999 ISBN: 185923772
by Madredeus. This CD is by one of Portugal's most well known bands. It's a good introduction to Portuguese music.

Living in Portugal

Eyewitness Travel Guide to Portugal
by Ann De Stoop & Jerome Darblay. Flammarion 1995 ISBN: 2080135678
by Martin Symington. DK Publishing 1997 ISBN: 0789419483
This is the most colorful guide to Portugal on the market. It has fantastic pictures and diagrams

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