Volume 1: Sound Magic
Afro Celt Sound System  
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Bodhran and kora? Talking drums and Uilleann pipes? Echoing ancient trade roots from a thousand years ago, Sound Magic reunites two seemingly disparate music traditions in a contemporary setting, reaching for a dance-oriented but spiritual hybrid that takes on a life of its own. Producer Simon Emmerson assembles some noteworthy artists including Ayub Ogada, Davy Spillane, Manu Katche, Caroline Lavelle, James McNally (of the Pogues), Iarla O Lionaird, and Masamba Diop to create evocative, clubby grooves that also incorporate samples and flavors from Armenia and the East. With its multilayered rich textures, Sound Magic grafts cultural respect and urban hipness for the global village of the '90s. —Derek Rath

Hinterland Aim  
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2002 release that beautifully reflects Grand Central's commitment to funky, un-abrasive Hip Hop. Like a soundtrack Hinterland unfolds, changes its pace, and evokes a specific locality for its audience. Dark beats, hypnotic strings, soundtrack samples, and deep bass merge into a cohesive producers statement. On 'The Girl That Fell Through The Ice' Kate Rogers sings enigmatically over orchestrated strings. Diamond D displays his storytelling skills as he narrates Aim's haunting production on the 'Omen'. While Oakland's Souls Of Mischief turn in a classic appearance on 'No Restrictions' flipping tempos and rhyming with superb skill and fluidity. Hinterland is a progressive and contemplative album, tinged with remarkable soulful grooves, trip hop ballads, and emotive melodies.

Moon Safari
Air (French Band)  
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Avec Daft Punk et Laurent Garnier, Air est un des morceaux de choix de la "french touch", cette orgie électronique made in France. Nicolas Godin, jeune étudiant en architecture versaillais est, à l'origine, seul pour enregistrer "Modulor" pour le label tête chercheuse Mo'Wax. Le morceau ne rencontre qu'un faible succès d'estime. C'est avec l'arrivée d'un autre Versaillais, Jean-Benoit Dunckel, que tout débute vraiment. Le binôme invente un easy listening électronique libre comme l'air, pas prise de tête et pétillant comme le champagne. A tel point que l'entreprise séduit le pape de l'électro, le précurseur Jean-Jacques Perrey, inventeur de l'interplanétaire "Pop Corn". Fort de ces essais transformés, Air signe avec Moon Safari un premier album d'où émerge le tubesque "Sexy Boy". Héritière de celle d'arrangeurs comme John Barry et Burt Bacharach, leur musique est d'une rare subtilité. —Philippe Robert

Jagged Little Pill
Alanis Morissette  
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Genre: Popular Music
Media Format: Compact Disk
Release Date: 13-JUN-1995

Since I Left You
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Lifted from their album of the same name, the (Single Version) of the title track is b/w two non-album tracks, 'Everyday' and 'Thank You Caroline' (Andy Votel Remix). Modular/EMI. 2001.

Tanto Tempo
Bebel Gilberto  
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Bebel Gilberto, daughter of Bossa Nova originator Joao Gilberto, delivered her long-awaited debut LP, Tanto Tempo, back in 2001. It was a genuinely beautiful album, full of delicately crafted songs, that paid dues to the traditional Bossa style while at the same time pulling them gently into the 21st century with subtle experimentation and electronic flourishes. Now, Crammed have come up with the clever idea of reissuing the LP alongside a set of remixes by a range of electronic luminaries, who translate Bebel's songs for the dancefloor massive. The likes of Phillipe soul survivor King Britt, Brazilian drum & base dons Marky and Patife, UK innovators 4 Hero, Mancunian beatmongers Rae and Christian and the ever-delightful Faze Action all turn in considered and largely faithful reworkings of Bebel's music, adding plenty of rhythmic fuel, extra walls of sound and enough club vibes to breathe new life into the originals. —Paul Sullivan

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This Icelandic marvel is such an original that, even after four Sugarcubes albums and a brilliant solo Debut, she remains an acquired taste. "Army of Me" is a turbulent, darkling tune that's almost conventional next to the gloriously eclectic material that follows. Working with Tricky, Soul II Soul/U2 producer Nellee Hooper, and string arranger/one-hit wonder Deodato, Björk looses her helium-fuelled voice and surreal wordplay on Gershwinesque pop (the adorable "It's Oh So Quiet"), ambient dub ("Possibly Maybe") and all kinds of fresh dance/pop hybrids ("Enjoy", "Hyper-Ballad", "I Miss You"). Too raw and adventurous for mass success, perhaps, but a more unique, engaging, and oddly accessible artist just doesn't exist. —Jeff Bateman

Ambient 4: On Land
Brian Eno  
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Released in 1982, On Land is Eno's most mature, perfect ambient work. Combining low, rumbling synths with eerie banging and clanking and the occasional wild-animal chirp or grumble, this recording places the listener alone, in the midst of a massive piece of sonic landscaping. And Eno has left no detail to chance. In fact, the work is so complete that when Eno suggests a windswept plain, the listener gets a chill. When trumpeter Jon Hassell bays with a softly disturbing imitation of a wounded beast, the first instinct is to scan the horizon for its glinting eyes. So subtle, intuitive, and well paced is this recording that as it slips quietly from the speakers and into every corner of the listening room, it transforms the space into a gently pulsing sound environment that seems strangely out of time and away from everything. It's a place you'll be drawn to time and time again. An ageless masterwork. —S. Duda

Quelqu'Un M'a Dit
Carla Bruni  
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V2 Records cordially invites you to a very special listening experience of Carla Bruni. Rarely does an album come along that touches everyone who listens to it, even those that do not speak the language in which it was recorded.

Quelqu’un M’a Dit, the first album from the acclaimed French singer-songwriter, Carla Bruni, captures you with the first note and leaves you humming the last.

The Franco-Italian beauty sings of love and loves lost with the ability to evoke powerful images across any language barrier.

Charlotte Gainsbourg  
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Even without Charlotte Gainsbourg's musical heritage, the prospect of an album written and performed by Air, with lyrics by Jarvis Cocker (ex-Pulp) and Neil Hannon (The Divine Comedy) would be enough to entice most sensible music fans. But as a combination, 5.55 is far better than probably even the participants imagined it would be.

The combination of Air's trademark glide complements Gainsbourg's voice (which is less singing and more melodic, breathy recitation), to the point where, had the lyrical input been less than stellar, this could easily have sent the listener to sleep. Instead, the emotional detachment in Gainsbourg's delivery acts as a foil to the passion presented in the lyrics. For their part, Cocker and Hannon excel with their trademark darkly humourous input- the passenger on a doomed flight in "AF407105", the surgery/seduction metaphor in "The Operation", or the venomous "Jamais" being particular standouts.

Even though 5.55 bears all the hallmarks of its creators (if so inclined, one could see this as a new Air album, or imagine Cocker or Hannon singing the lyrics), it's even more than the sum of its parts and is almost certainly one of the best albums you'll hear in 2006 or beyond. —Thom Allott

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coldplay-rare 5 track promotional cd single-enhanced.1. sparks 2. careful where you stand 3. yellow (acoustic Jo Whiley) 4. see you soon 5. yellow(video)