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Applications of DV BMAs Experiments & Conclusions
Characteristics of DV 2D Logarithmic Experimental Method
Why do we need compression? Three Step Search Matching Criteria exp.
What is compression? Orthogonal Search Algorithm Exhaustive Search res.
General Purpose Compression Techniques One at a Time Search 2D Log res.
Intraframe Compression Cross Search Algorithm Three Step res.
Interframe Compression Greedy BMAs Orthogonal Search res.
Motion Compensation Overview Advanced BMAs Cross Search res.
BMA Matching Criteria Hierarchical BMAs OTS res.
Sub-optimal BMAs Part 1 Multi-dimensional search spaces Greedy res.
Sub-optimal BMAs Part 2 Greedy res.
Local minima Greedy A res.
Greedy B res.
Greedy C res.
Greedy D res.
Greedy E res.
Greedy F res.
Spatial Dependency (A) res.
Spatial Dependency (C) res.
Temporal Dependency res.
Relative Performance of BMAs